Contemporary Methods of Digitization


Contemporary Methods of Digitization – Panagiotis Zigouris

2nd Edition – 2023

Digitization process, archival methods and documentation of films, photographs and various other conventional and digital sources.

A book by Dr. Panagiotis Zigouris

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A book missing from the internet.

Nowadays where technology is advancing at a fast pace, it is a fact that many technologies are becoming obsolete immediately and many data, analogue and digital based on these, are becoming inaccessible and will be lost permanently.

Every day a large number of photos either in the form of print or digital from legacy devices, files, videos etc. are deleted or destroyed without any substantive method of recovering them. This phenomenon occurs not only privately but also in the public sector, in companies, archives, libraries, and in almost any form where archival material exists.

Digitizing, archiving and documenting.

This book describes a fully documented and thorough method of digitizing, archiving, and documenting material from various digital and analog sources. In order to save this material from deleting, destroying or storing it in inaccessible sources and media, and to create digital libraries with a structured, and most likely long-term, future use.

What can you expect.

You will not find historical data on file storage formats or other issues, as well as analysis of handling old devices and methods as this is not its purpose. Only information necessary to substantiate the procedures is provided.

There are many methods of digitization available for us, but there are no substantial and detailed ones adapted to our needs. The book is about to fill that gap.

The book was completed in 2019 after three years of research, (with some corrections and additions in 2020) and published in April, 2020.

The second edition with corrections, improvements and additions was published in September 2023.

Panagiotis Zigouris


Short Biography

Panagiotis Zigouris was born in Athens, Greece in 1977.

He is a doctor (Ph.D) in Computer Science & Engineering.

From 2003 works as an independent (freelance) computer and network engineer.

He has worked with a variety of companies as an IT security consultant, and has been responsible for networking infrastructure and handling social media in public administration and political offices.

He was also involved (most notably) in the Olympic Games Test Events (2002-2004) in the Olympic and Paralympic Games “Athens 2004” in the area of technology and in Rhodes Island Games 2007, again in the IT department.

He is specialized in safe storage and security of databases, corporate and individual, while constantly participates in conferences and workshops for the security and the challenges of the modern digital world.

He conducts training courses for company employees and executives on computer operation and secure internet browsing and he is an active blogger covering with his articles issues of safety, technology and information, in his area of expertise.

This present book, is his first writing attempt, where he summarizes his experience in Digitization and Data Archival and the methods applied.